Developing Worldviews

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The Core Worldview Program

Endowment Goal
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“All three of the Core courses changed my life and the lives of my peers, as we began to question many of the assumptions we had inherited. The courses are essential to an education of mind and heart.”
– Whitworth Alumnus, in a 2014 General Education Survey

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Core embodies Whitworth’s distinctive mind-and-heart education, as students encounter differing perspectives and question important assumptions; engage in civil discourse about divisive topics; analyze complex problems with intellectual rigor; and explore and develop connections between their faith, worldview convictions, academic studies and vocational discernment.

The innovative program’s required courses – Core 150, 250 and 350 – are the ultimate shared experience of Whitworth students, as they explore the Judeo-Christian, rationalist, scientific and socio-political traditions that have shaped our world, and as they examine their worldviews – their own beliefs and basic understandings about the bigger and deeper questions of life.

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Whitworth is at a crucial juncture in passing on the vision of Core to the majority of Whitworth faculty members who have arrived within the last decade. Your gift will allow newer faculty to have a robust encounter with Core through faculty development opportunities. Such opportunities will build bridges between the worldview concepts that are central to Core and coursework in the academic majors and other elements of general education. Broadening the array of faculty who are equipped for and enthusiastic about Core participation will ensure a healthy future for the Core Worldview Studies Program, and will also allow Whitworth a greater capacity to infuse 21st- century teaching and learning strategies and best practices into the Core curriculum.