The Cornerstone of Support

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The Whitworth Fund

Each year, Whitworth, like many other colleges and universities, faces a budget-balancing challenge. Tuition and endowment income are Whitworth’s main sources of operating revenue, yet they cover only part of the expenses required to operate the university. Annual gifts to The Whitworth Fund provide critically needed support to help bridge the gap.

Each day on the Whitworth campus, Whitworth Fund dollars are at work, providing scholarships for the 98 percent of students who receive financial aid, covering campus utility expenses, and supporting faculty research and development.

You can designate your gift to any of these four areas:

  • Student scholarships, the area of greatest need, which will always be the top priority of The Whitworth Fund.
  • Academic & student life initiatives, to support Whitworth’s commitment to building community among students and faculty and to offer opportunities for learning outside the classroom.
  • International initiatives, which are outlined in Whitworth’s strategic plan and include goals to involve students in international experiences as well as to increase the international-student presence on campus.
  • Facilities & grounds, to fund our efforts to recruit new students and to meet the needs of current students. These gifts support new technology, building maintenance and renovations, campus security, and exterior details that make Whitworth a welcoming community to students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Your Gift Makes a Difference

The Whitworth Fund is vital to Whitworth’s success, and its impact reaches far and wide. By supporting the university’s ongoing needs, your gift makes a lasting, positive difference for Whitworth’s students, faculty, staff and alumni, today and for generations to come.

No matter the size of your gift, there is strength in numbers, and many gifts add up to a large sum each year. Individuals who become loyalty donors year after year are welcomed into our 1890 Society, and those who give $1,500 or more each year become valued members of our President’s Club.

Oftentimes during a major campaign, a university’s annual fund suffers, as donors transition their funds to support the campaign. We hope that you will choose to support The Campaign for Whitworth in addition to your current Whitworth Fund support.

Thank you for the many ways in which you invest in and support Whitworth, its distinctive mission, its community, and the students who benefit from Whitworth’s mind-and-heart education.