Whitworth Documentaries

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In addition to books like Not By Might, by Whitworth’s first journalism professor, Al Gray, which documents Whitworth’s first 75 years, and history professor Dale Soden’s An Enduring Venture of Mind & Heart, which captures Whitworth’s history through President Bill Robinson’s administration, Whitworth has produced a number of documentary films over the last 50 years.

In 1965, Whitworth’s public-relations office produced The Whitworth Way as part of the college’s 75th anniversary. The documentary features students and faculty in the classroom and highlights the university’s growth over its history, with cameos by the Whitworth Choir, President Mark Koehler and Registrar Marion Jenkins. Twenty-five years later, for Whitworth’s centennial celebration, in 1990, alumni siblings Phil, ’65, and Tim Eaton, ’74, produced a documentary featuring recently elected president Arthur DeJong, as well as beloved professor emeritus Fenton Duvall, professors Leonard Oakland and Tammy Reid, ’60, and future provost Michael LeRoy, ’89, as a student.

Whitworth has also produced documentaries honoring the work of Leonard Oakland and the legacy of Bill Robinson, and subject-based films like In Time of War, produced in partnership with Andrea Palpant Dilley, ’00; the documentary explores the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII and features the stories of many students who found safe haven at Whitworth. The film Art in Me showcases Whitworth’s commitment to exploring vocation and was produced through a grant from the Lilly Foundation.