GratiTuesday: Andrew Wheeler, ’15

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“Whitworth, being such a small university, lends itself to becoming a close-knit community. The small class sizes ensure that each student has the opportunity to have face-to-face, real connections with his or her professors while being able to interact personably with peers, creating fruitful relationships and a healthy educational environment. Being an International and Cross-Cultural Studies major, I have also had the pleasure of working with the Intercultural Student Center, whose staff made two study abroad experiences (Costa Rica and the United Arab Emirates) relatively easy to conduct.

“Scholarships allow me to better pursue my goals. Last year, I was Whitworth’s representative at the Student council on U.S. Affairs at West Point, which pairs students with cadets and draws up foreign policy. I was on the Coming of Age in the Middle East council. Between the political science department subsidizing travel costs and scholarship funds, I am able to pursue opportunities like this one that enrich my college experience.”

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