Not by Might

Posted by - - 1960s, Scholars

After two years of painstaking research, professor of journalism Alfred Gray published Not by Might, the first book to chronicle Whitworth’s history. The book came out just in time for the college’s 75th anniversary, in 1965. Dean of Women Marion Jenkins said of the book, “If you have ever thought that the story of the development of a college would be dry-as-dust material, gathered from ancient archives and merely arranged neatly in chronological order,” then (to paraphrase) you haven’t read this compelling account of the successes and struggles Whitworth has encountered throughout its existence.

As he researched the book, Gray had the advantage of interviewing alumni from early graduating classes who gave firsthand accounts of the college in its infancy. Past presidents, faculty, alumni, trustees and students helped fact-check the text and provided stories for content. In the book’s preface, Gray wrote of the enduring mission that proved to be sustaining across the years: “The Whitworth idea – education of both mind and heart – is a durable thing.”

Gray dedicated the book to all who have loved and served that Whitworth idea. The sacrificial service and faith of Whitworth’s people, he wrote, demonstrate that the college is what it is today “not by might nor by power,” but by the spirit of God.