The Chin Curtain

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As interest in men’s facial hair has waxed (no pun intended) and waned through the years – most recently through fund-raisers such as “Movember” (a month-long mustache-growing event that raises awareness of men’s health issues) and challenges like “No-Shave November” – so, too, has the Whitworth community’s obsession with George F. Whitworth’s “chin curtain.”

Often referred to as George’s “neck-beard,” the style is created through a clean-shaven face down to the chin, at which point hair is allowed to grow to the desired length. The campus is divided between those who are impressed with the style and those who are mildly disturbed by it. Common in George Whitworth’s day, the chin curtain was worn by other notable figures like Abraham Lincoln, Brigham Young and Henry David Thoreau.