Eric’s Fruit Stand

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When a group of students in the early 1990s felt that The Whitworthian and college administrators weren’t providing all of the details they wanted about institutional decisions (including how Whitworth was addressing ongoing budget woes of the day), the students launched an underground newspaper, Eric’s Fruit Stand. The paper was “Written for free-thinking and revolution,” according to a statement from its three anonymous editors that appeared in a Whitworthian article on Dec. 4, 1990.

The authors of the articles in Eric’s Fruit Stand used pseudonyms, adding to the paper’s mystery. According to the editors, “We want the spotlight to be focused on the issues rather than the writers.” The Stand covered topics ranging from the absurd to the challenging. Published approximately bi-weekly for several years, the brightly colored newspapers provided alternative perspectives on Whitworth. The Whitworthian’s 1990 editor-in-chief, Jeff Carlson, ’92, captured the paper’s intent in a Nov. 13 editorial: “Thought-provoking articles have appeared alongside humorous ones, hopefully stimulating ideas while at the same time entertaining the reader – which is, after all, the aim of producing an underground paper.”