George F. Whitworth Medal

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The first George F. Whitworth Medal was awarded in 1974, posthumously, to Frank Warren. This award is Whitworth’s highest honor and is given to those directly connected with Whitworth who have given most significantly of themselves and of their time and resources to further the interests of the university. The fact that it is given rarely rather than bestowed annually further signifies the honor it conveys.

The medal’s original design depicted a wagon wheel, which was a subtle nod to George F. Whitworth’s journey west. A later version featured the Bible, and the most recent version features a cast image of George F. Whitworth himself atop a marble setting.

These are the 21 recipients honored with the George F. Whitworth Medal: President Frank Warren (1974), trustee Albert Arend (1974), trustee Ina Johnston, who funded the Eric Johnston Science Center (1976), trustee Herbert Hamblen (1976), trustee and alumna Dorothy Dixon, ’23 (1977), trustee Werner Rosenquist (1980), English professor and acting president Clarence Simpson (1980), trustee Jack Hatch (1981), trustee William Fix (1983), trustee Martin Polhemus (1983), trustee William Harvey Frazier (1985), trustee Ingwer Thomsen & Ruth Thomsen (1988), history professor Homer Cunningham (1989), trustee Franklin Ott and piano teacher Margie May Ott (1992), President and alumnus Mark Koehler, ’37 (1993), trustee Hayden Morgan (1995), trustee Jim Little (1998), President Bill Robinson (2010), and trustee and alumnus Art Symons, ’51 (2013).