GratiTuesday: John Marshall, ’17

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“Whitworth provides an environment where I am welcome to ask unorthodox, yet meaningful questions. At a time in my life where there is pressure to have my life mapped out, and in a society that expects its members to have everything figured out, Whitworth provides a community whose members understand that the journey of educational grwoth and personal development is constant and dynamic, and successful only with an inquisitive mind. I am so thankful that I have been welcomed into this community and have had numerous opportunities to ask unique questions about life, faith and education, and been met with the response: Let’s figure out the answer together.

“As a student-athlete, working two jobs to continue to make my Whitworth education a reality, scholarships mean I have more freedom to pursue the things about which I am truly passionate. My scholarship alleviates some of the very real financial stress that accompanies an educational experience at a private institution. It allows me to focus my time and energies on the communities at Whitworth that awaken my passion for education, athletics and social justice. What a blessing that is!”

Thank you for supporting the scholarships that make a Whitworth education possible for students like John!