GratiTuesday: Kierstie Shellman, ’16

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“The greatest learning experience I’ve had at Whitworth is hard to pinpoint, because I’ve had many. I love that our education program takes a hands-on approach to learning and has us in a classroom, getting experience in a variety of situations that happen every day in classes, almost every semester. I think practicum experience coupled with the carefully designed education courses really prepare us well to go into the teaching force. While my education classes have been great in preparing me to work in a classroom after graduation, the skills I’ve learned in those classes, plus what I’ve learned through my theology courses, have prepared me to do everything I’m doing now. As I’ve served as the interim youth director and look ahead to campus ministry, I’m very thankful for all my Whitworth experiences that have equipped me well.”

-Kierstie Shellman, ’16

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