GratiTuesday: Kelly Armstrong, ’16

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“The process of beginning with a very humble upbringing and becoming a graduate student has been extremely empowering. Plainly stated, my life goal of completing a graduate degree simply would not be attainable apart from financial assistance. I have chosen to be a pastor. In making that decision I was fully aware of the financial sacrifice that would be involved. The act of generosity [by donors] is nothing less than God’s literal and touchable grace and provision for me.

“My goal of attaining a terminal degree comes from a bit of an uncommon reason. I am the first in my family to receive any type of diploma, high school or college. Secondary education was never a topic of discussion in my household growing up, because no one had any exposure to it. By God’s grace, that trend in my family will end with me. Thanks to our donors’ generosity, educational achievement will be the norm for my children. Your gifts will continue to have effect far into the future and because of donor assistance, it will happen without the debilitating burden of debt.”

-Kelly Armstrong, graduate student, ’16