Whitworth Forensics

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The Whitworth Forensics Program’s record is studded with wins. The 2012-13 forensics team took first place in the overall sweepstakes and second place in the debate sweepstakes at the 2013 National Christian College Forensics Association (NCCFA) National Tournament, held in Arkansas, at John Brown University. Whitworth finished ahead of 24 other colleges at the tournament. The team had already won 192 individual awards and 11 sweepstakes awards through seven tournaments that season.

The wins were even more impressive given that Whitworth Forensics was only in its second year, after a 14-year hiatus. In recognition of his success in restoring the Whitworth program and the excellence of his team in both speech and debate, Mike Ingram was named Forensics Coach of the Year by the NCCFA.

Forensics competitions develop students’ public-speaking skills in areas including argumentation and persuasion, extemporaneous and informative speaking, oral interpretation, and prose. “Forensics contributes to the pursuit of intellectual excellence,” wrote Ingram in a Whitworth-related blog. “Healthy competition at speech and debate tournaments pushes students to research for more and better information, to practice and polish their verbal delivery skills, and to advocate for positions they believe in with passion and reason.”