Whitworth Serves 1Mission: Sharon Parker, ’08

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Sharon Parker, ’08, on why she volunteers for 1Mission:

“I actually found my deep love of serving others while I was at Whitworth. I went on a Jan Term trip to help with Katrina relief and I knew that I wanted serving my local community and the world around me to be a large part of my life. I now go to a small church in Tempe that has a large emphasis on justice and serving the world. Every year my heart is opened a little more and every year I start to understand Jesus’ love for this world a little more clearly.

“Every February we take a team of 40 people to Rocky Point Mexico to build 2 houses for families in the community that have accrued enough community service hours to receive the home. We build the home from foundation up in 2 full days of work.

“Each year my husband, Ben and I learn a little more Spanish so we can more effectively communicate with the family we are helping. This year I was able to play with the children and teach them how to help build the house with us. It was amazing to see the little ones so empowered!”