GratiTuesday: Alissa Bates, ’16

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“The greatest learning experience I have had at Whitworth has been the opportunity to work in the amazing lab facilities that Whitworth has to offer. When it comes to my own learning, there is no substitute for being able to witness firsthand certain phenomena or explore different body systems as they exist in nature rather than trying to piece together a concept by looking at a diagram in a book. The equipment available to students and the programs developed by professors have been invaluable to my education; while some labs may be tedious, they help illuminate the more difficult theories and teach students important thinking skills and practical techniques going forward. Whitworth has some unique tools and programs that other schools its size do not. In particular, the human cadaver program provides students with the opportunity to learn about anatomy and physiology with a more realistic approach than the sole use of idealized models. It also provides a chance for students to discuss the ethics of science and the use of any specimen, including humans. I find it imperative that students not only receive a practical education, but an education in critical thinking and ethics; that is what this program – and Whitworth’s lab programs in general – provides to Whitworth students.

“My scholarships are the number one reason I am able to receive a Whitworth education. By removing some of the financial pressure on my family, I am able to take full advantage of my education and challenge myself academically without fear that my being at Whitworth will put undue pressure on myself or my family. I don’t have to spend as much time worrying about where the money for my tuition will come from so I can fully devlote my time and energy to my studies and enjoying all that Whitworth has to offer.”