GratiTuesday: Dasha Davis, ’18

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“When I was in 5th grade, my classroom had a field trip. This field trip was a day at Whitworth. I remember being in awe of all that I saw….the big campus, the many students, the huge cafeteria (I distinctly remember having lunch there). I was amazed. But I remember clearly thinking that I would never go here. You see, my family immigrated here in 1995 and two years later I was born. My parents spoke English enough to get by, but not to help us with homework and all that. My sisters went to a community college. I always thought – I am going to finish high school, and if possible, will finish some easy program at a small little college. Little did I know that God had different plans. He has blessed me abundantly with amazing family and high school teachers who saw potential in me and encouraged me A LOT. I made it into Eastern Washington University (to my disbelief) and went there for two years – completing my Running Start. Then, as I was sending out applications to various colleges, I decided to send one to Whitworth – who knows why? I didn’t believe for a second that I would be accepted. However, not only was I accepted but I was also given a lot of financial help. God works in amazing ways, and you, my blessed benefactors, helped show that to me. You helped prove that God is with me. I will forever be in your debt.”

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