Professional Growth

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Whitworth Faculty and Staff Development

“Whitworth students testify repeatedly to how much they cherish their relationships with faculty and staff. Faculty and staff do more than teach; they mentor, listen to, and inspire students, and give them hope in their futures.”
– Carol Simon, Provost and Executive Vice President

Make a Gift

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Whitworth’s mission to provide its students an education of mind and heart is carried out by a diverse community of dedicated Christian faculty and staff members. Their loyalty in serving our students in classrooms and offices, as well as on athletics fields and across the campus grounds, is invaluable to the success of the institution.

Whitworth is a learning organization that values its employees and strives to equip them to advance the university’s distinctive mission. The Whitworth 2021 vision and strategic plan calls for the university to invest in Whitworth’s faculty and staff members, and to sustain a campus environment in which at least 90 percent of our employees report that Whitworth is a superior place to work.

Your Gift Makes a Difference

To invest in our employees and advance the university’s mission, we must support faculty scholarship through providing for faculty members’ research needs, and through providing for faculty members’ research needs, and through supporting their participation in workshops and academic conferences. We must enhance employee training and development to equip employees to pursue excellence in their vocations, continuous improvement of the university, and the integration of their Christian faith into all facets of their life and work. And we must equip supervisors and academic leaders to excel in their work advancing Whitworth’s strategic vision and institutional effectiveness.

Your gift to faculty and staff development will help Whitworth’s faithful employees fulfill their critical roles in preparing the next generation of students to “honor God, follow Christ and serve humanity.”