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The George F. Whitworth Honors Program

“Whitworth’s honors program fully engages students’ minds and hearts in the creative process of discovery and transforms the way they understand the world.”
– Doug Sugano, Director of the George F. Whitworth Honors Program

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The George F. Whitworth Honors Program supports the Whitworth 2021 vision and strategic plan’s goal to equip students to be inquisitive, creative and discerning thinkers who address effectively the complex issues they face in the world.

The honors program challenges students through in-depth interdisciplinary courses and learning opportunities that prepare them most effectively for graduate school and professional success. Students engage in high-level analytical and critical thinking through advanced collaborative study and research, creative expression, cross-cultural engagement, and leadership and professional development.

Experiential-learning is a hallmark of a Whitworth liberal-arts education and is a core component of the George F. Whitworth Honors Program. Through internships, in-depth research, field studies, regional and national conferences, and study abroad, Whitworth’s honors students integrate and apply their classroom knowledge, expand their worldviews, and hone their skills in professional, academic and intercultural settings.

Your Gift Makes a Difference

While Whitworth’s honors students possess the desire, commitment and abilities to succeed in this demanding program, they often do not possess the financial means to meet expenses associated with the program’s experiential-learning opportunities, specifically costs incurred by travel and by research and creative projects.

Your gift will allow Whitworth’s high-achieving students to engage in challenging and meaningful experiential-learning opportunities that will help them discern their lifelong vocations, earn competitive graduate fellowships and thrive in graduate programs, and flourish in their careers.

Your financial support will also help the George F. Whitworth Honors Program to continue to attract and retain high-achieving students who value Whitworth’s commitment to academic excellence, rigorous intellectual inquiry, the integration of faith and learning, and preparing students for professional success and lives of purpose.

When Whitworth’s honors students succeed in these endeavors, the university benefits by virtue of Whitworth’s enhanced regional and national reputation as an institution that provides its students an unparalleled education of mind and heart.