Alan Jacob

Associate Director, Student Housing

Place of service: Table Host

Why I Serve

I serve because I recognize how blessed I am to have a stable home and an abundance of food. Most of the people that I host are homeless or live just on the verge of poverty, never knowing from where their next meal will come or where they’ll sleep that night. Serving allows me in a small way to bridge the divide, offering my time and attention to those who are often overlooked.

How I Serve

I serve by literally serving food and making conversation with attendees. I help bring food to the table, making sure there’s enough to go around, and engage in meaningful conversations with my table. I’ll help connect my attendees with resources in the Spokane community or simply listen to how their day was. While it may only be for a few hours a month, the hope is that building relationships over a shared meal will bring together very different walks of life, neighbor helping neighbor, friend helping friend.