Amanda Clark

Director, Library and Associate Dean of Special Programs

Place of service: Bishop White Seminary

Why I Serve

Whitworth professors have expertise in many areas that can be shared beyond the pinecone curtain. Thinking in terms of topics, themes, and subject categories is something that as a librarian I can share with others. Assessing unique or quirky private collections of books and artworks is an area of specialty that I can offer back to the community. I love being a part of activities that result in visible improvements, especially when it also involves deepening relationships with community members.

How I Serve

This past year Bishop White Seminary — the Catholic seminary in this diocese — was looking to improve their library collection, which was at that time spread between three different floors of the seminary building. Both of the doctors Clark offered the current rector, Fr. Daniel Barnett, several strategic ideas for organizing, refining, and building the seminary collection of books. While my role was small, the seminary now has achieved which portions of their collection appear in which areas and for what reasons. What a success and what a joy!