Amanda Nevin

Class of '99

Place of service: San Francisco Parks & Rec

Why I Serve

Christ himself set the example of service when he knelt before his disciples and washed their feet. As a follower of christ I serve to model to my family, friends, and community the example Christ set before us. Every time we serve another, whether it is the least of these, or members of our families, or the greater communities we live in, we embody the spirit and calling of Christ to love the world and to shine Christ’s light into the broken and hurting places in our cities and neighborhoods.

I serve to give back and as a way to show my gratitude for the many blessings and gifts that I have as a person in the United States. I serve as a way to give back to my community and as an example to my children that we are part of something larger than ourselves. I want my children to understand that we are called to give more than to receive, to honor the least of these because they are God’s children, and to help them learn a spirit of gratitude for all of their blessings.

We are an outdoor, nature-loving family who enjoys hiking, gardening, and spending time in God’s beautiful creation. it is important, therefore, for us to be actively involved in organizations that promote education, understanding and hands-on experiences that show the importance of caring for and being good stewards of God’s beautiful creation. We wanted to volunteer with the Parks and Recreation department because they provide space for children to be children in God’s creation. We wanted to take what we enjoy as a family and show our heart and passion by serving with this organization in particular as they were working to beautify a lower income part of San Francisco to help make a difference for those families and children who are residents of that particular area.

How I Serve

Throughout the years while I served as a pastor, I have participated in service opportunities that helped impoverished children through Christmas joy programs or literacy programs. I have mucked out stables at a horse ranch that provides therapy for disabled children, served on my community’s 4th of July parade as a judge, and have led numerous mission trips locally and abroad with students from our church. I am now serving my family by taking care of my ill mother and helping her in her recuperation from a stroke. I also help serve in my children’s schools and at our church and plan to get more involved in our larger community now that we have permanently moved to a new community.