Benjamin Curtis

Class of '99

Place of service: Operation Nightwatch

Why I Serve

I choose to serve because each night I go out on the streets, I get to see the intersection of the physical and spiritual worlds; a piece of God’s kingdom “on Earth as it is in heaven.” It’s a powerful thing to witness someone ask if I was an angel, tell me that I am an answer to prayer, or hear that I am someone’s only friend. I get to be the hands and feet of the divine savior.

I landed at Operation Nightwatch ten years ago via an Internet job posting, but I know it’s much bigger than that. Over the years I’ve developed a passion for working with the “least of these,” but all along I think it was a response to my created purpose. Our work is important because people need to know they are cared about and have a sense of hope no matter where they are currently living.

How I Serve

As a street minister, I go out in the evenings carrying socks, food and water to pass out to those in need. It’s a terrific way to break the ice and to engage more with people if they desire to do so. A lot of the time we are just present, as people on the street sometimes don’t feel acknowledged. We also do a lot of listening because many folks don’t feel heard either.

But I think most importantly, we get to show people they are loved; either by a gift or a kind word or a prayer. I basically try to walk and talk to people there the way I imagine Christ did.