Beth Ann Day

Class of '87

Place of service: Girls Educational and Mentoring Services

Why I Serve

My daughter Lucy chose GEMS as her philanthropic project for her bat mitzvah several years ago. She wanted to choose an organization that helped girls her own age. I was shocked and saddened to learn how many girls and young women are trafficked in New York City and across the US every year. I became very impressed and moved by the work GEMS does to transform these girls and young women from victims to not only survivors, but also leaders. The organization was founded by a former trafficked teenager who is today one of the most respected figures in the movement to fight human trafficking. Every day I remind myself that there are two New York Cities, and I’m incredibly privileged to live in one of them. But for the girls, teenagers, and young women who are being sexually exploited right in the neighborhoods where I live and work, it’s a very different city. I don’t think there’s enough we can do to stop the cycle and help these girls and young women find the lives they deserve.

How I Serve

My family has helped with fundraising, as well as collecting used clothing and toiletries. We’ve also worked to spread awareness of the issue and GEMS throughout our community, including both our church and synagogue. I am on the board, and am involved with the general management and oversight of GEMS.