Dorothy Hay

Class of '72

Place of service: Issaquah Singers

Why I Serve

I volunteer in order to share the joy of music with senior citizens who have difficulty getting out to hear live performances. Music can break through the veils in the brain created by Alzheimer’s or dementia. It elicits an emotional response that can heal the soul and the body. Volunteering in this capacity uses my love of choral music to heal the world, one song at a time.

How I Serve

For 27 years I have conducted Issaquah Singers, a 60-voice community choir that sings at senior living centers and civic events. From September to June we sign monthly at two senior living facilities and one annual concert for the community that draws about 250 audience members. I arrange music, decide programs, plan rehearsals, conduct concerts, and work with the choir’s board of directors and members. More information can be found at