Elizabeth Case

Class of '02

Place of service: Whitworth Forensics Team

Why I Serve

Three years ago [Professor of Communications and Director of Forensics] Mike Ingram asked if I would fly to Memphis and drive to the middle of no-where Arkansas to help judge a debate tournament. There aren’t many people in the world I would go to Arkansas for, but Mike is definitely one of them. I LOVE the forensics team students – they are way smarter than I will ever be, they are sweet and thoughtful and a lot like me in college. Since then I have had the opportunity to travel to three national debate tournaments and judge at a few other regional events. The students continue to impress me with their thoughtfulness and intelligence, and occasionally I get to be the voice of reason that reminds them to read a book for fun or take a class pass/no credit.

How I Serve

I judged three days of debates at the national IPDA tournament in Boise, Idaho. I also coach and manage the students.