Garrett Westling

Class of '19

Place of service: Generation Connect

Why I Serve

Alzheimer’s is a disease that has become a national pandemic, affecting more than 5 million Americans at this moment; a number that will only increase with time. I serve with memory care to be a part of the current, short-term solution for providing care with hopes that a more permanent cure will develop in the coming years. The people who have been struck with this disease are still individuals, so it is important to me to assist the memory care unit to learn more about each person so they can live out the remainder of their lives with fulfillment.

How I Serve

The Whitworth Alzheimer’s Club has had the privilege to work with a company (Generation Connect) to provide better care within long-term care units for people with any stage of dementia. My role has been to utilize specific apps on iPads to connect with the residents and gain information about their past, specifically childhood to early adulthood, since those memories seem to “stick” the longest. This information can then be used by everyday staff within the memory unit to provide personalized care for each person, rather than providing general care for the entire unit.