Gary Paukert

Class of '80

Place of service: Fresch Ministries International

Why I Serve

My family and I had the rare opportunity to live and work in Stavanger, Norway for four years from 2006-2010. While there we attended North Sea Baptist Church and met Pastor David Fresch, whose commitment to Christ and fidelity to God’s Word impressed me. I was honoured when he asked me to join the Board of FMI, especially as I have traveled internationally much of my career and seen the need for teaching and outreach consistent with God’s Word internationally.

How I Serve

I serve on the Board of Directors for Fresch Ministries International, as Manager for Latin and South America. FMI is a missions organization with the stated aim of ‘Fostering Organic Growth’ in existing churches around the world. This type of work ranges from doing pastor-training conferences and supplying Bibles to believers in east Africa, to supplying boats to Colombian pastors so they can minister to small churches deep in the jungle, to supplying water filtration and electrical generation to church communities in Nepal. My role includes advising our President, David Fresch, helping distribute donated funds and deciding which of the many world-wide helping opportunities FMI is to become involved in. Our website can be accessed at