Gretchen Rose Wolf

Class of '95

Place of service: New Covenant Foundation

Why I Serve

I love learning about other cultures and providing medical care. It creates an intimate way to know and love the people you are visiting. My first mission trip was a Spring Break Trip in Mexico to build a church and provide a VBS. My second international trip was a Jan Term trip in Costa Rica studying biology. It opened my eyes to poverty and my love of travel. I learned that many in our world have very little, but yet are so very happy and content. I walk away from mission trips feeling a sense of perspective and always grateful!

Since that Jan Term trip, I have gone on mission trips to Haiti twice, Guatemala and Ethiopia, as well as a training experience for a month in Brazil and in a migrant worker camp. Every time I go, I am stunned by the overwhelming love I experience sharing medicine and Christ.

How I Serve

New Covenant Foundation is a church planting organization funded primarily by Ethiopian-exported coffee. it has partnered with medical providers from Soddo Christian Hospital in Ethiopia to provide basic medical care to several Ethiopian communities, which includes a prison in Shashameme, two Muslim communities near Sogido, and another village at high elevation in coffee country.

A typical clinic day involves driving to the location and setting up a clinic with a triage area, exam rooms, and a pharmacy. After being seen, each patient is prayed over by a local church planter and a prison fellowship pastor. Many of our patients were Muslim and got to hear the gospel for the first time and were also given the New Testament.

I enjoy learning and working with the Ethiopian team of nurses and their physician. This was a valuable experience in learning about medical conditions that I do not see in my own cardiology practice. It was a privilege to be able to pray with every one of the patients I saw, if they agreed. This is, sadly, something I do not do often in my own country.