Janice Chase

Class of 1969

Place of service: World Relief

Why I Serve

I volunteer with World Relief as an English tutor for refugees. I chose to volunteer with World Relief because I am impressed with their mission to stand with the vulnerable and help those in need. I feel this is a wonderful opportunity to welcome these people and show them the love of Jesus through my befriending and teaching them.

How I Serve

I tutor two ladies from Afghanistan and try to help them learn English. One was a teacher in Afghanistan, and the other does not know how to read and write her own language. It is challenging to try to meet their differing needs in learning a second language. I am very proud of both ladies because they have worked very hard and are learning so much.

I too am learning to understand and appreciate their culture and some of what they have had to go through in relocating to the United States. Both of their husbands worked as translators for the U.S. military when they were in Afghanistan, and so I am privileged to be able to give back a little in return for what they have given to our country.