Karla Parbon

Class of '00, Whitworth Faculty

Place of service: Partners Through Art

Why I Serve

On August 29, 2014, Partners Through Art was founded, Since then, our cohort of professional dance, theatre, and visual artists – along with numerous Whitworth interns – have partnered with a varied number of Spokane and Spokane Valley community non-profit organizations including: The Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Northtown, Lutheran Community Services, Anna Ogden Hall, Hearth Homes, Edufest conference for teachers, and Washington State Sexual Assault Organization. WE are in the early planning stages of developing a company and academy of dance that challenges developing dancers to look beyond themselves and use their passion and talents for the greater good. Essentially, our mission for them is to dance for something greater than themselves.

How I Serve

I am the Founder and Executive Director of Partners Through Art and Director of the Whitworth Dance Minor Program. I founded PTA because I saw a need, a need that only the universal language of art could provide in giving a voice for victims of social justice. Our primary focus is to partner with other nonprofit organizations to further their cause through the medium of art.

To learn more about PTA, visit www.partnersthroughart.org.