Kaye McNally

Class of '77

Place of service: Joseph Storehouse of Hope

Why I Serve

I enjoy being able to provide tangible help through food (living out James 2) and offer some spiritual support through prayer. Because this is a shared ministry by the three churches in the area, we have the opportunity to share Jesus’ love with our clients and with each other. Working together in a small community where most folks know each other allows “not yet believers” to see peace and love and joy being the outcome of knowing Jesus, even if our worship styles might be a little different.

How I Serve

Joseph Storehouse of Hope is a food ministry tied in the Marion/Polk Food Share in Marion County, Ore. Joseph Storehouse distributes the food at our local K-8 elementary school in their gym. My church, Mehama community Church, did the bulk of the start-up, but it truly is a shared ministry amongst the three churches in Lyons and Mehama. Some of the clients also volunteer their time. On the second-to-last Saturday of the month, we offer food to people in the community who need it.

Joseph Storehouse receives an allotment from the Marion/Polk food share of the basic canned goods and rice/beans, and then we have an abundance of other food items to distribute including fresh produce. The people who come to the school check in and get a number. Then, while they wait, they can sit and visit, have a cup of coffee, some pastries, and/or homemade soup. Volunteers take a grocery cart and fill it up from the different food stations. Then the “shopper” volunteers take the carts out to the people’s cars, help unload, and ask to pray with them. This is my favorite job to do – to give thanks with them for the food and to share the burden of life through prayer with them.