Kerri Webber

Class of '96

Place of service: Holding Out HELP

Why I Serve

God has called us to serve and I am blessed beyond words as I get a front row seat to see lives changed as they experience freedom and grace for often the first time in their life.  God blessed me with an education and abilities I could never deserve to be used for His glory.

How I Serve

Holiding out HELP exists primarily to help people that are transitioning out of their oppressive polygamist environments into mainstream society.  We were founded by a group of Christians within Utah that have seen the effects of the abuse that many have experienced within these communities and desire to share God’s love through our actions and exemplifying His unconditional love to those that have experienced religious abuse instead of truth and love.  Primarily we assist woment, children and young men that have been kicked out or fled from their communities with nothing but the clothing on their back.  They are literally modern day refugees in need of stabilization, education, clothing, food, shelter and lots of patience and love as they make the scary transition into a world they have been warned against all of their lives.

I have volunteered with Holding Out HELP ( since it began in 2008.  I was one of the original board members and used my accounting degree to help set up budgets, bookkeeping records, and oversee fundraising efforts.  Through the years I have served as a board member for four years, executive director for a year while our director took a medical leave, and helped with fundraisers, bookkeeping, project planning, volunteer recruitment, policy and procedure implementation and even used my real estate expertise to help find transitional housing options with easy access to public services.  I even travelled to Las Vegas with several of our young adults to appear on Sister Wives (season 5, episode 4 – “Polygamist Cults”) and share the truth of what we see coming out of polygamist communities.