Laurie Staley

Class of '83

Place of service: Sacred Heart Children's Hospital

Why I Serve

I am always encouraging people to volunteer in our community. Even as a child, I was constantly interested in helping; my mom was an active community member and I planned to be like her when I was older. Also, my faith guides me to service. When my children were young, I volunteered in Girl Scouts, Meals on Wheels, at our church, the school and wherever help was needed. My thought was and still is, if not me, then who?

I love kids; I have five of my own plus two stepdaughters. In addition, I have 30 grandkids and great grandkids. I worked as a teacher until retirement. Now, I babysit for my daughter. I looked at several volunteer opportunities in town as I retired. All I knew was that I wanted to help kids. Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital seemed to fit me best.

How I Serve

I have been at Sacred Heart serving in pediatrics for five years. I love soothing the little ones and their parents. I love helping in any way I can. Sometimes I rock babies or comfort the littles. Some of my responsibilities include cleaning the toys in the playrooms or I help people find their way around the hospital. Nurturing others helps nurture me. The many people who work in the hospital are wonderful, caring, and hardworking people. I enjoy them and want to help wherever I can.