Linda Gillingham Sciaroni

Class of '83

Place of service: Grid Alternatives

Why I Serve

I love my city and I like being outside. I like meeting new people and learning their story. The highlight of the day is flipping the switch on the system with the family and watching the meter run backwards. I love sharing what I learned with my students in Environmental Science at Firebaugh High School in Lynwood.

How I Serve

Grid Alternatives is the trifecta of world-changing goodness. We install photovoltaic solar electric systems on homes of income-qualified homeowners in the inner-city. Volunteers work side-by-side with electricians and licensed solar contractors. In two days we eliminate the the electric bill for a low-income homeowner in the inner city, stabilizing the community. We clean the air by creating clean energy. We provide high-quality skills and mentoring to people interested in learning this trade. Our volunteers are the entire range of skills and experience of our city: architects, contractors, trade school students, transitioning military, hippy tree huggers, and men and women of Home Boy Industries (Father Boyle’s ministry to former gang members, many recently released from incarceration). Everyone involved is proud of the work we do.