Manny Hochheimer

MBA Class of '16

Place of service: United Way, Rotary Club, Boards of Directors

Why I Serve

I choose to serve and direct my energy, time, talent, and treasure to the organizations listed above, because I like to balance my professional and personal service to organizations that I feel make a great impact on our communities. This impact includes policy, education, income, health, economic growth and prosperity, and compassion and assistance for those that need some help. I take the strong viewpoint that by my service it makes the world a better place for all children and in turn that makes the world a better place for my own children.

How I Serve

I do a lot of Board service as well as projects in the community via my work (Numerica), United Way of Spokane County, and Rotary Club #21 of Spokane. I do anything from building playgrounds and improving parks to serving meals to those less fortunate. Over the last 5 years at Numerica I have served between 250-350 hours of service per year.