Markus Ong

Assistant Professor of Physics

Place of service: Whitworth Science Bowl

Why I Serve

Science bowl helps high achieving students get recognized for their accomplishments while also helping them see how many other talented students are out there and how much more there is to learn. The questions are hard and nobody ever knows the answers to all of them, but hopefully it encourages the students to study more things in science and math as they come across new and interesting topics. This program is personally meaningful to me because it did those things for me back when I was a student participant.

How I Serve

I am the coordinator for the Inland Northwest High School Regional competition at Whitworth, which includes working with the national organizers, working with local high schools and their teams, recruiting volunteers, and running the tournament here. The winner of each regional competition gets an all-expenses paid trip to the national competition in Washington, D.C., and I also periodically go to support that event as well. I’ve served many roles there including question reviewer, question reader, science judge, rules judge, practice room host, set-up and clean-up crew, and bus monitor for the students.