Matt McNelly

Class of '98

Place of service: Pullman Police Department

Why I Serve

As law enforcement officers work to serve and protect the public, they face significant emotional, mental, and spiritual pressures. High divorce rates, depression, substance abuse, and loneliness are just some of the side effects of the vocation.

I serve as a volunteer law enforcement chaplain because I want to share the grace and love of Jesus Christ to this population of men and women who rarely experience grace in their daily work. It was the call of Jesus (and the mayor of Pullman!) that first directed me to use my skills as a pastor in service to the Pullman Police Department.

How I Serve

My role as chaplain is to provide emotional and spiritual support to officers, staff, and their families through a ministry of presence. I attend shift briefings, ride along during patrol shifts, respond to critical incidents, and deliver death notifications to next-of-kin. Throughout this work I am continually developing trust and rapport with officers, providing empathy and encouragement.