Michael Nixon

Class of '65

Place of service: Presbytery of Central Washington

Why I Serve

My commitment to serving the community I live in has been a long-term commitment. My sense of God’s call on my life has been real and has shaped the things I have done personally and professionally. In my professional career I served as an administrator in the Division of Juvenile Rehabilitation and Division of Children and Family Service, as the Missions Director for Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church in Yakima, and as the Executive Director for Yakima Valley Habitat for Humanity. Following retirement, I became the Stated Clerk for the Presbytery of Central Washington where I have served for the past six years.

How I Serve

My connection to the Presbytery dates back to when I was involved as a senior high student when i served as Moderator of Youth Presbytery. The Presbytery consists of a group of churches connected to one another within a geographical region. It resources the local church and provides for functions that can be done in partnership.

My call to serve as stated clerk during the past six years was at a time when the presbytery was transitioning from a stand-alone presbytery to a merged presbytery with Northwest Coast Presbytery. I served as parliamentarian at meetings, facilitated administrative commissions, and was responsible for recording of actions by committees and the presbytery. It has been my joy to serve in response to God’s call on my life.