Nadia Sarfraz

Class of 2020

Place of service: ROTARACT Well Project

Why I Serve

We rise by lifting others. I have come to know that when you look for the good in a person and serve them with the intent of growth, you bring out the best person in them as well as yourself. I find it improbable to grasp the concept of a purposeless life, And the best way I’ve come to know purpose and humbleness is through service, this is why I choose to serve. Time is the most valuable entity a person can share with another.

How I Serve

I serve through being present, and willing to be hands on with tasks and aware of my surroundings . I worked with the ROTARACT society in Zimbabwe on a construction/water well project that brought the longed for taste of clean water to the people in the area. There are many more instances where I have been blessed to serve, such as on multiple rural out reachers, charity drives, teaching homeless youths, working with orphanages to make them more homey and much more .