Nicole Mackle

Class of '10

Place of service: Youth with a Mission

Why I Serve

When I graduated from Whitworth in 2010, I wanted to do something bigger than myself, and I knew something greater was out there. Almost immediately after graduating, I joined Youth With A Mission and now can’t imagine doing anything else. My eyes have been opened to the opportunity and the necessity of reaching every Nation with the love and truth of Christ, and I’ve simply said “yes” to doing my part in making disciples of every Nation, witnessing God’s hand at work each and every day that I say “yes,” and follow His lead.

How I Serve

As a full-time volunteer staff with Youth With A Mission in San José, Costa Rica, I serve on the Eldership Team at our training/ministry campus, and I spend most of my time (alongside my husband) running Disciple Training Schools in which we focus on training, discipling, equipping, and mobilizing people to live a life of influence that will further the Kingdom among the unreached people groups around the globe. This year, we took and sent out teams to Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey and Germany, where we worked with local ministries and churches to serve the most marginalized people in these locations, such as refugees, and impoverished women and children. Our hope and our plan is to establish trustworthy, peaceful relationships with local people in unreached, Middle Eastern nations where we will live with a pioneering team long-term to share the Gospel, teach sustainable living practices, and disciple local people who will go on to disciple their own Nation with the truth and love of God. Until then, we are working to form a team, mobilize and equip people here in Costa Rica, and create a bridge between Latin America and the unreached world through training, equipping, and taking people on two-month outreaches to build relationships, learn about, and meet urgent needs of the people in these Nations.