Peter Smelser

Class of '07

Place of service: California Scholastic Press Association

Why I Serve

Service is a way to help our neighbors. We may not always be able to write a check, but we all have time and talents to give.


How I Serve

I am a volunteer instructor that helps with a two-week journalism workshop for high school students at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I also help as a consultant to the board of directors with their financial decisions.

My wife, Jessica (Class of ’08), first got me involved with the California Scholastic Press Association (CSPA). The CSPA’s mission is to help teach high school students the skills they’ll need to excel as journalists. I am not a practicing journalist anymore, but I still care deeply about the profession. Helping teach the next generation of journalists gives me a renewed enthusiasm each summer. The students at the workshop are always so hungry to learn and improve their storytelling skills. In the end I feel like I learn more from them, than they learn from me. That’s what keeps me going back every year.