Philip Hickok

Class of '05

Place of service: Cascade Presbyterian Church, Vancouver, Wash.

Why I Serve

I spent four and a half years in Scotland and when I moved back, we attended the Cascade Presbyterian church because my wife grew up there and we were so welcomed back in that church. They extended a lot of love to me when I had no claim on it and I just felt called to give back to that community and help it grow.

How I Serve

I am a ruling elder for community life for the Cascade Presbyterian Church in Vancouver, Wash. I also volunteer on the worship team because I play guitar and ukulele. What I really enjoy about worship is the fellowship amongst the members of the team and the support we lend to each other in difficult times. Many of our members have gone through difficult personal times and we’ve been able to come together and offer emotional support.

As an elder, I can support the ministry of my pastor who I consider to be a mentor and very good friend. It’s important to me to support what he’s trying to do in administering to our congregation and I feel blessed to be a part of that.