Randy McGrady-Beach

Class of '74

Place of service: Wells Middle School

Why I Serve

I get so excited for the school year to begin that I have a hard time sleeping. By 8 a.m. I have my vest on and my trusty stop sign in hand.

As a volunteer crossing guard I love greeting the middle schoolers and their parents as the kids are dropped off at the curb for school. Parents are so appreciative that someone is watching over their child’s first steps toward middle school. I find it interesting to watch the kids grow up, from sixth through eighth grade. Some of the girls in the seventh and eighth grades I coached in sixth grade basketball, which I do at Wells during the winter. The school is right across the street from where I live, and as a pastor I like to be involved in the community in which I live.

How I Serve

The administration at Wells was a bit surprised when I first started volunteering, but I am counted on being at my cross sign guard post every Wednesday. Sometimes, if I get done early enough, they ask me to lead the Pledge of Allegiance over the PA system. When basketball season comes I again find parents who are very appreciative of me teaching their child about teamwork and discipline. Each year the teams are different. Some girls, who have had basketball experience, are great leaders, but other times we just work on defense and running while dribbling at the same time. Their enthusiasm is infectious and it is amazing to me when certain girls find a love for the sport and grow so quickly in their skill level.We try to not just give a foundation in basic skills, we also teach them about respect and encouragement for everyone on the team, no matter what the skill level.

I look forward to every Wednesday morning and the basketball season to be able to connect with those who hold the future of our community in their hands.