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Student Scholarships

“No one in my family has ever gone through college, because of the costs. I feel honored and so happy to be a Whitworth University student. I greatly depend on financial aid in order to attend.”
- Kayla Harris, '14

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We’re Working to Keep Whitworth Affordable

While a major segment of Whitworth’s budget is committed to financial aid, affordability remains one of Whitworth’s most significant priorities.

With efforts such as our “Pines to Promise” project, a unique fundraising initiative in which Whitworth provided $1 million in matching funds to create 43 new endowed scholarships, the primary focus of the remaining years of The Campaign for Whitworth continues to be on scholarships to help traditional undergraduate students complete their Whitworth degrees among the pines of the Spokane campus and graduate into fulfilling their promise in the world.

Providing Access and Lasting Impact

Increasing our endowed scholarships is critical to ensuring that Whitworth’s education of mind and heart is possible for deserving students from all social-economic backgrounds.

Endowed scholarships are distinct because they outlast virtually any other kind of gift to the university. Since they are designed to continue growing, they provide annual support for Whitworth students into perpetuity. The name you give to your endowed scholarship – in honor of a family member, a beloved Whitworth professor, an academic program, or a special interest – will live on at Whitworth forever and will serve as a testament to your choice to help students complete their degrees and live out their calling.

By funding a new endowed scholarship, you can help foster growth and transformation in the lives of students who, through Whitworth, become empowered to serve, lead and seek solutions for people and communities in need.

Your Opportunity

Your scholarship gift will provide needed budget relief and flexibility, and will help ensure that an education of mind and heart is possible for deserving students from all socio-economic backgrounds.

Annual scholarship gifts will be awarded to students immediately; or, with a gift of $50,000 (payable over five years), you can establish an endowed scholarship, which will be awarded every year into perpetuity. To discuss these opportunities, please contact a member of the Whitworth Institutional Advancement team at 800.532.4668 or 509.777.3243.

By investing in Whitworth students today, your gift will multiply many times over, as students discern their callings at Whitworth and become equipped to put their mind-and-heart educations to work worldwide.

Endowed Scholarship Options

  • Partnership Grants

    Every year, some returning students come to the financial aid office and ask for assistance to stay at Whitworth. These students love the university and want to fulfill their purpose in the world; they have taken full advantage of their available financial aid, yet they are still falling short. Through funding a Partnership Grant, you would partner with Whitworth to help a promising student in need earn his or her degree.

  • Departmental Achievement Scholarships

    High-achieving students who are excelling in their major have the possibility of receiving selective departmental awards as sophomores, juniors and seniors. By endowing a scholarship in the academic department of your choice, you will help a top student scholar achieve her or his potential in the area of study about which you (and the student!) are most excited.

  • Talent Scholarships

    Scholarships supporting students in music, theatre, art, journalism and forensics key areas will allow the university to recruit the best and brightest students and launch them into meaningful and exciting futures. Your support of an endowed talent scholarship in one of these areas will help guarantee that Whitworth attracts high-caliber students in these areas.

  • International-Student Scholarships

    Since international students do not have access to federal or state financial aid resources, Whitworth increases these students’ grant awards each year by the same amount that tuition increases, to help them remain at the university. Your endowed scholarship would cover these annual grant increases, allowing international students to complete their Whitworth degrees and then apply their skills to communities across the globe.

  • STEM Scholarships

    Many prospective students who want to study in the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) express concerns that, given the rigor of their courses, they won’t have time for a job and they will have to take out too many undergraduate loans while facing paying for medical or graduate school. Offering endowed scholarships to these talented students will help Whitworth recruit top students to the STEM disciplines and would greatly ease their financial burden, freeing them to prepare fully for bright futures.

  • Honors-Student Scholarships

    Whitworth hosts nearly 300 students admitted with honors in three Honors Colloquium Scholarship competitions every year. The university awards two full-tuition scholarships to the top participants of each event; in recent years the university has also awarded $2,000 scholarships to 10 semifinalists at each event. Your endowed scholarship would help bring these go-getters to Whitworth.

  • Young-Life Scholarships

    Whitworth awards about 20 annual Young Life Scholarships of $1,000 each to incoming students who are interested in participating in the university’s Young Life leadership program. Your endowed scholarship will support these students, helping them to receive in-depth training and development in youth ministry.

  • To discuss these scholarship opportunities, please contact a member of the Whitworth Institutional Advancement team at 800-532-4668 or 509-777-3243, or email

Other Opportunities to Make an Annual Impact

Use your annual gift to support the Pines to Promise Project: Support a scholarship at Whitworth by giving to an existing endowed scholarship — Whitworth currently offers 214 endowed, donor-sponsored scholarships to eligible students.

Or, you can make an annual gift earmarked for scholarships through the Whitworth Fund, which makes student scholarships its top priority.