The Cornerstone of Support

Student scholarships are the priority of The Whitworth Fund. Each day on the Whitworth campus, Whitworth Fund dollars are at work, providing scholarships for the 98 percent of students who receive financial aid.

Your Gift Makes a Difference

Oftentimes during a major campaign, a university’s annual fund suffers, as donors transition their funds to support other campaign initiatives. We hope that you will choose to support The Campaign for Whitworth in addition to your current Whitworth Fund support. No matter the size of your gift, there is strength in numbers, and many gifts add up to a large sum each year. In the midst of rising annual costs, your gifts to The Whitworth Fund help make an education of mind and heart more affordable for our students.

Thank you for the many ways in which you invest in and support Whitworth, its distinctive mission, its community, and the students who benefit from Whitworth’s mind-and-heart education.