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The Whitworth Music Program

“An enhanced and expanded music facility is critical to strengthening Whitworth’s competitiveness for top students and faculty, and to sustaining the music program’s success on campus, in the region and beyond.”
– Deborah Hansen, Music Department Chair

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The Whitworth Music Program is widely recognized for preparing students to excel in competitive graduate programs, performance careers, as music educators, and in a variety of other careers across the performing-arts spectrum

Whitworth’s music program is vibrant and thriving, averaging 85 majors (music and music education) and hundreds of students who participate in more than 20 outstanding instrumental and vocal ensembles. In spring 2014, 300 students were enrolled in at least one music course. Approximately 67 percent of these students were enrolled in two or more courses, including lessons and ensembles.

Your Gift Has Made a Difference

The original Whitworth Music Building was constructed in 1978. At that time, the building supported four full-time faculty, 20 adjunct faculty, 64 music majors, and eight vocal and instrumental ensembles.

By 2015, the building could no longer support the university’s burgeoning music program: Whitworth’s full-time music faculty has increased 125 percent; adjunct faculty has increased 67 percent; music majors have increased 33 percent; and ensembles have increased 150 percent.

Your gifts to the new Cowles Music Center have supported the construction of an addition and remodel that provides much-needed rehearsal space for Whitworth’s choral and instrumental ensembles, additional teaching studios, and smaller rehearsal and storage areas. The building was opened in Fall 2016.

Building highlights include:

  • New rehearsal rooms for choral and instrumental programs (remodeled existing band room for jazz)
  • New teaching studios (especially a duel piano studio)
  • New practice rooms on mezzanine, which connects with second floor of original space
  • Mezzanine view into double-height rehearsal rooms
  • Main Street circulation space between original and new construction, with skylight
  • Total project: 37,000 square ft.
    • 21,481 square ft. of new space
    • 15,625 square ft. of remodeled space
  • Total project cost: $14 million